Friday, May 06, 2011

dark entries (several collisions)

I intervened between a man and woman last night
somewhere there in the gazelle-haze at 3am I went out
in my dressing gown with a chair leg I had grown specially
but they refused to listen and would only speak in codes
listen they said all guitar and wire and signal fire

that flashed through, and then I went out because a man
with a trap went by a trap of some sort they postured at me
adopted martial postures
told me to leave and later a man full of silver
an unnamed silver
whose name
I only vaguely caught but it was weird not a local name
like Feather or Flight or Fitzplane
I asked of the neighbours but they were asleep and said only
'you have slept and wept and now you are mad and your
children' -- who knows what to make of that?

and then I went out because a man had turned
into a horse and then I went out
for a horse had somehow
turned into a crab and then

after that a giant goat and some wild things but I refused now
to take certain actions for the fear that clouds.
i have not been great these last few days but the
signs suggest a great or greater conspiracy.i will be there
when i's strange
how the world seems all of silver these shining midnights

as for you: i have seen the evidence. i have never actually
done that, though i know what they say. could you do you
think get even half of it in your mouth? it's a shellfish after all
and even in the hot stages spiny and active.i suggest we both
retreat from all of this before something truly awful unfolds

i will be there at the semaphore gate by west upon west
when the slight disaster hits the treetops you will know
me by my closely cropped hair and my deliberation
this is an awkward and agitated gait engendered by
the rolling of seas full of stars and those wild
catfish of northern Provenance


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