Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gas gas gas

a bad/bad thing what blew windows in

Facebook: this name felt an earthquake
Facebook: today I found myself while washing a tree
Facebook: this name says 'beautiful'
Facebook: like
Facebook: strongly dislike
Facebook: think is a piece of shite

(green animalcules.)look cloud spreads an isomantic ugh
you and i on the walk saw a bee.

a bee we said a bee

both of us not bees therefore

Swift looking at his dad's ass laughing
seeing ferture divination in doublin hedgegogs.

jimmy j in his eyetie shed tinkering at the Vox amplifier
the AC30 that will ignite later.that bike on the headland.
he loves a woman who is dead.fuck him then
he won't be comin in later.boys he won't be comin in

you/me also me watch the low fire go down
suddenly that slump and swoop in the gut
that announces the Gothic place

my/he/her/oh my/my big face at the window
glow/unglow (a fire man at his naked work)

religion keeps on and on sayin

...................half a heart on your plate
...................in its own jus

bridges/reefs/bushes the triumvirwhat dropdead
gouched out night on Moss Side shoulda seen them
at the Night Market copy-watch fillipino girl fish
garlic prawn Lala Red Lion--Heckler wall city you you x830yf
—those shops stacked with
a huge unmanned space-freighter full of oranges for the Others
we don like dem they say not at all got umthin else
like we wan swap for head all we care?

think of this tracking shot a slow gangster car circa 1930 in red not blue the slugs like fireflies reel out under the trees a man in an overcoat who loves a woman who is dead falling down steps under trees his neck breaks like oh that forthcoming whole is a homily men now use hair straighteners are you joking a crack that shivers the whole evening and on through the parkland the muzzles pulling back in the windows winding back up inside the rush the fervour the shiver the car down the road in the rain under the trees the skinned trees stretching like a human intestine so far so far out out as a filament of moonlight oh no not moonlight from the opened belly of a howling were-man now one of them so wild he jumps on the roof as the car like a marquee moon a stratocaster a fender twin so railing and reedy and reactive drives slow through the park hoots and hoots and then hoots out I am not your father straight into a lake the driver already dead the car steams there in two foot of water mallards fleeing the boy on the roof behind it all the trees down the avenue one after the other coming down tonight there's no coming back the doors have broken the moon has fallen with a big dead splash haha wtf into the shallows many waterbirds hasten to suck it in you got it Frank?

gaslit all up and down


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