Friday, May 08, 2009

untitled picture on the news

a little blonde boy
in a bright blue sweater
reaches up to the camera
he's not dead at this point
he's not smiling
but not unhappy
occupied with something
standing on black and white tiles
not sinking just standing
looking at something
out of view
like all children curious
eager about everything
he's not dead here
not tortured
just looking up reaching
some adult looking down
stop here


Amanda said...

Yes, looking at that picture makes you wish it had all been different for him. So terribly sad. You've got it in the 'stop here'.

And the little girl too, it was shocking to see that last week.

No need to post, Amanda

Anonymous said...

OMG! This sent chills. Builds momentum through every word and left me breathless.


Anonymous said...

if only someone could have stopped it there.