Wednesday, October 22, 2008

if like this like this

hands in your hair
your hair your hair of olive wind
if language flowing outward

if filaments of memory if
everything here warm slow
wild and slow-wild if how you come to life

in my hands your hair flowing out
if all morning flowing out descending bright birds
our inside us calling long ago this moment keening

your contours your hachures your ascent
your planes your whirling Sufi gasp
if like this, like this

heartbeat and breath and hollow ground
and midnight morning and all day and dusk arcing between
blue spirit flames, radio crackling

and if along our hillsides
like this, like this, we start to collapse

fading red shadow of this our body

spray of night reeling out

[duende, red-black, in murmurs]


Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful. Any woman who reads this will think it is about her or want it to be about her.

Anonymous said...

I cannot and do not want to stop reading this beautiful poem.

Steve said...

Thanks for that. A few people seem to like this one, which is quite encouraging. Cheers. Steve.

Anonymous said...

Powerful, sensual and glorious... beautiful movement, colour and emotions.

Anonymous said...

reading through your blog, I see a definite move in your poetry - the parameters have changed - on the surface they are broader and bolder, beneath however you hold the reader, within. genius.

I am however a little partial to this old(ish) poem. such love, such delicate, tender wanting - if only it could be 'like this like this' - words from an exquisite heart.

I suspect this love poem was not written for an existing woman but rather the dream of a woman.

If love such as this exists ... if.

Fascinating blog.

Steve said...

Rather more praise there than is good for me or than I deserve, but thanks for it anyway! You're right, this is about a composite person with various components glued together with boiled fantasy resin.