Thursday, November 08, 2007

Love came to town

Astride no ass
unplagued by doves
in ragged canvas dried up
weathered down stumbling in
shoes creaking hide and jackdaws
—flies buzzing in out in out the black doorways

in His teeth—somewhere deep in there, honey
welling frothing around a long fat queen
—fly honey, sour fly honey—
hot-metallic-bloody—He tumbles in
hacking dry sputes and scrags
kicking dust/chain-links/cinders

aphids and sugardew cascading
from His hair-grown-long

kicks-erupts-bursts open the bar doors
silhouetted dead leather stubble Jesus of desert noon swaying hot nails
digging palms weasel shadow of a rearing moment
powerlines knocking before storm
He looks in looks in where you stand
so, so...
brooding so biding...
drinks He one dark beer, jug jug jug... quiet
hunched like broken skyline
spits sour ale on His smoking iron shoes

rumbles back up the street to bells afar
in the drugged lumpen clump of deep sea divers
with the ocean drained shadow clanging out
dragging lilac flowers bursting
from the downpipes the hoppers
the nostrils of drunks tied to the dead
trees by the church gate

waking too late to see
like cumulus over mountains
a grey sea rolling rolling, full of logs

Love came to town

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