Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toni Kurz 1936 - draft

If mountain gods and ogres
had souls, then those cables
that sing upwards, trembling
with our lives, would be telegraphs,

conduits through which we would feel
their longing, their loneliness, their cries
like lost humans. Through those
filaments we would hear the deep

beat of their stone chambers,
so unlike our own. If they had hearts
other than those we graft to them
briefly, in our faint hope

that they might be like us
somehow, somehow,
then we could enter those channels,
descend easily into the meadows

at their feet.
If they had hearts,
that damned knot, that killer knot
that you could not pass

(after all that was already passed),
would just slide through
in the morning
and your friends would seize you

out of that lost place.
And you would whisper
into the heart of the Ogre:
Ich kann mehr tun

I am not yet finished.


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