Saturday, August 04, 2007

oh a distant seasong that might go on forever

Spots on the crossjack and moonsail flots
make dead leeway toward five stars east
gaff the yards I have not creased
one hand for... one hand for knots
one for the ship
and one for the dip
ah yer lateen rips wet weather
when you see me warpin tether
up Whitby wharf with a bellyfull
of iron-blowed skerryscull.
I'm luffed and laden me screechin maiden
and deadeye wire-stropped
with the monkey fiddler storm-stopped.
I'll wait at the wind's gate
to the wind strait out
to the new wind haulin
and the straight weight yawlin me glistenin singin frigate bird
if you just unchest the holy seaword
till the leech give it up
an the beachin bring me cup
am agog with grog in the barefoot web
like me father swarmin
to the fierce warmin moment
sloopin slough me beat, me reach
no driftin distant doubt.
Oh me farflung frothin fortune to flout!

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